Database Administrator – McLean

  • Full Scope Polygraph, up to date. This DOES NOT include Counter-Intelligence Polygraph except for periodic (continuous evaluation) follow-up to Full Scopes.
  • TS/SCI Eligible.

Eight years of demonstrated ‘hands-on’ database engineering and administration of systems for complex and high volume data processing, using a variety ingest methods and data management techniques. Management includes a variety of data types, database functionality, compliance standards and availability requirements.

Two years of experience designing, installing, administering, upgrading, patching and performance tuning Oracle databases.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT or equivalent technical discipline
  2. Demonstrated experience in directly performing all aspects in the lifecycle of database engineering and administration, including design to meet customer needs, install, deploy, data migration, maintenance, backup/recovery, patch and upgrade.
  3. Experience with database security analysis and vulnerability remediation process.
  4. Experience with Oracle engineered systems such as Exadata, Big Data, MiniCluster or SuperCluster.
  5. Demonstrated experience in managing database systems in conjunction with datastore systems in high availability, system redundancy environments
  6. Current and practical expertise using Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, SQL*Plus and SQL Developer


  1. Demonstrated extensive experience in database architecture, design, and processing models as well as extensive experience with data architecture, modeling, and management in a broad spectrum of data repository environments, such as data warehouse, on-line transaction processing and hybrid.
  2. Experience with administration and configuration of database solutions for document and geospatial data/capabilities.
  3. Prior experience supporting database systems for the Sponsor or the IC for CT mission.
  4. Prior experience supporting database systems for data collections unique to the Sponsor or the IC.
  5. Experience delivering or integrating solutions using RDBMS technologies and NoSQL technologies.
  6. Experience transitioning solutions from RDBMS technologies to NoSQL technologies
  7. Competence writing, changing and understanding scripting in various languages such as Windows, Korn/Bash, Perl, python
  8. Experience transitioning into the Cloud environment
  9. Experience with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)


  1. Ensure database backups are performed and valid.
  2. Perform necessary tasks required by data owners and users such as account management and data migrations.
  3. Ensure various security requirements are met such as password changes and vulnerability scans.
  4. Patch the engineered and OEM systems are required.
  5. Monitor database performance and take corrective action if necessary.

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